1.    Stand outside the building you want to buy in for 30 minutes 

You get to know what your area is really like when you stand outside the building. Being able to gauge foot traffic and street traffic going in and out of the building is important. You’re also able to see the type of community you may be getting into.


2.    Try (hard) to see the amenities

Another way to see traffic! We know you can’t spend all day in the amenities when you’re on showings, but it’s nice to see how many people at a given time are in the pool or in the gym. Do the amenities fit your needs? Do you see yourself spending time in those amenities? You’re paying for it, so make sure you like them! 


3.    Take the elevator to your parking level 

Do you have to get to the office at 9AM? Are you the type to forget your keys and realize when you get to the car? You may want to take the elevator from the unit to the parking level included with your unit. This could give you an idea of how long you’re waiting for an elevator, how many times it will stop, and how busy it may be. Take it a step further and try to get in and out of the spot and see how long it may take to get from your spot to the garage exit! 


4.    Walk from the building to the local convenience store and see what they have to offer 

When you’re in a condo, you don’t always do big grocery hauls; it’s typically a few things you need at the time, and you can pick these up locally without having to drive. Take a walk to the local convenience store and see what they have. Are these things you think you’ll be able to use? Are they open late in case of a late-night emergency? 


5.    Think about the area at large 

Is this the area that’s convenient for you and your family? Can your loved ones visit as often as they’d like? You should also consider the lifestyle adjustment of being in the suburbs versus the city – both have pros and cons, but which one fits your lifestyle the best? Make sure you’re completely comfortable in this area before falling in love with the unit!