Meet Shane, 

Litigation lawyer in the GTA who works remotely - dream client right? Absolutely.

We reached out to Shane after he came across our website after not getting the type of service he was hoping for from his last representative - though they weren’t tied together on paper, morally, we wanted to make sure we at lease provided the tools and resources for him to succeed. In this market though, seeing property online isn’t enough, being in and out of units daily and making yourself available for clients is what eventually gets the job done.

We went out with Shane multiple times to see units we had hand picked for him, and since the rental market is still on fire, we still put in a few offers and finally landed the perfect one. A beautiful 1 bedroom, 1 den unit with parking and an amazing few in the heart of Mississauga for the price he wanted.

Today Shane got his keys, and we delivered him our signature Condo Nerds mug and a vintage bottle of a smooth red Malbec. Safe to say, that Shane finally got the unit he wanted, at the price he wanted and was super excited to finally be moving into his new home.

Congrats Shane! 

I’ll admit, doing a lease doesn’t dish out the highest pay cheque, but you come to a point in this career that the money isn’t driving your service - it’s the satisfaction these clients express that makes you want to jump for joy. Money always get’s spent, but relationships compound 🤓