Home inspectors are amazing – however a lot of their work is done behind the walls and under the floors, which doesn’t fit the mould for condos. The reason for that is that when you buy ownership into a condo, you’re buying everything that is insidethe walls; behind the walls and below the floors are the condo corporation’s responsibility. Any major or structural repairs that are done (roof, plumbing, electrical, etc.) are approved by management if they’re done on an individual basis or are disclosed in the status certificate if they are done on a building/complex wide basis. 


Typically, a thorough inspection is done while you are viewing the home (we get clients in there for an hour!) and during this inspection clients are urged to look at any shortcomings inside the unit. This could include warped floors, wall damage or water damage, anything that would be caused by the current occupant in some form. 


We’ve used home inspector services many times for our clients who buy free hold homes because they’re able to dissect the property beyond the naked eye and any of those bills would be rolled back to the new owner of the home. 


Condos simply don’t require those services.


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