Our take on this is simple… it depends. 

Hear us out!


We need to understand what your current position is and what your goals are to appropriately answer this question. There are a few scenarios in both cases, and we’ll break them down for you. 


Buy First Only If:

1.    You have enough liquid capital to pay the deposit, down payment and closing costs. (So yes, are you able to sustain 2 properties if it comes down to it?) 

2.    Your house is on the market with a foreseeable sale (this depends on the selling strategy your agent is coming in with) 

3.    Your lender has committing to giving you a bridge loan (in WRITING!)


Sell First Only If:

1.    You have somewhere to live in the event you don’t find what you like

2.    If the market allows for you to put in a “closing date adjustment” clause in it

3.    If you need the cash to manage debt to secure a better mortgage product


These are some of the few situations that can influence your decision, but everyone has a unique situation! Let us know what your situation is, so we can give you the advice that fits your situation.


Until then,

Happy Searching! 🤓