We've got you covered! A lot of people get in touch with us when their lease is coming to an end, or if they're just starting a new chapter of their life. When you need a rental, in this market, it's best to be over prepared than not because the one that you want, may not last. 

This one is super important. Be sure to give yourself adequate time to weigh out your options and also to make sure that you're on schedule with your lease coming to an end so you have a minor overlap (or none at all) with your new lease. 

2. Secure a job letter 
Landlords are looking for job security from their tenants - an employer willing to sign off on the length of time you've been there, your income and also your role is an imperative part of the document checklist. **ENSURE THIS IS DATED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR LEASE OFFER**

3. Download your credit report!
***THE REPORT THAT IS GENERATED FROM YOUR ONLINE BANKING SELDOM WORKS!!*** We recommend getting either a Credit Karma or Borrowell credit report (Borrowell is preferred). Some landlords may ask for an Equifax or a TransUnion report as well to ensure that they are able to assess all of your open and closed accounts and any public records you may have

4. Come on some showings, and let's finalize a unit! 
When you like a unit, we start up the paperwork and wait for the landlord to give us an answer. Sounds simple enough right? 

5. Deposit Cheque! 
The first and last months rent is due 24 hours after your offer is accepted in the form of a CERTIFIED CHEQUE. This must be dropped off to the landlords representatives office to ensure it's placed in TRUST until the keys are exchanged.

6. Move in!  🍾


Things to keep in mind: 

1. Have a cheque book (you'll most likely need 10 post dated cheques for the landlord) 
2. You'll need tenants insurance before moving in
3. You'll need to book the elevator for the move, so coordinate with movers (or friends that are going to help you 😅) after you confirm the elevator 
4. Depending on the building, there will be a mandatory key deposit (minimum of $200) on key exchange