Did we ever even introduce ourselves?

Hi! You may received our emails or seen us on Instagram and thought "Who the hell are these guys?". Well, we're the Condo Nerds! 

There was once a time when a solid educational foundation was the only way to survive and thrive in this world before the business world was full of young, and ambitious entrepreneurs and when a big purchase was left to your dad's friend who could have sold you a house, a car, and probably a home insurance policy, all while dispensing "medicine" from his trunk. The Nerds were born to mesh the two together. 

Hi, my name is Perry. I've been around the real estate business my whole life because it's been a family business. I knew what an Agreement of Purchase/Sale was before I knew how many teeth I was meant to have as an adult and I knew how to manage business books before I knew the definition of velocity. Naturally, I went to university. While I was there, I ended up with a business degree, majoring in accounting all while putting myself through school by selling real estate. As a kid in this business, I saw the worst of the worst! Clients would ghost me, other agents would laugh my offers away, and my seniors would see me as the coffee boy with a car - but I pushed through! Finishing school and learning the ropes of the most grueling business were the toughest things I had ever managed to pull off, but I did it! 

As an accounting major, you're taught about money. How to make it, how to save it, how to use, and where to put it. As an accountant, you use these skills, behind a screen, on a desk for hours on end and I realized that very early on in my school career that it wouldn't be my forever. I'm too outgoing and too loud, and I love dealing with people more than I love dealing with computers. As the VP of the accounting club, dean's list graduate, and peer tutor, I realized that I was a bit of a nerd growing up. I had to get it right, and I had to be the fastest to the punch, and this is when I married the two most important things in my life - Real Estate and Accounting.

I've sold more condos than I've sold freehold homes because it was the easier thing to learn. Then I realized, it's the fastest way for people to make money. I had done extensive research on the condo world, the real estate economy, the Canadian economy, factors from the south that would affect our market, and real estate finance in general and I was able to predict that condos would be the next wave, and I was right. I remember telling clients at the time, that if you buy for 250k right now, you'll become a millionaire in less than a decade, this was 2014. I was able to expand my knowledge base and foundation even further within the business of real estate and offer clients options and techniques for getting into the market and that's when I became the self-proclaimed Condo Nerd. 

Since then, I've worked tirelessly to ensure that we have an online presence, strong marketing, and all of the information first-time buyers, renters, sellers, and investors need to make sound decisions. This model makes sense to us and has made sense to our countless clients who would stand by our service and expertise in the world of condos. 

And while we're at it, why not have a little quirky fun!